Happy Birthday!

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Today was my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday. I always try to do a couple portraits of them on their birthday just for the record. We were short on time this morning so we just ran out the front door for some quick shots:

Then we headed out to the Exploratorium for a brunch party and covered as much as humanly possible in pink.

Those french toast cupcakes were made with love by Auntie Staci:

Also on the menu, rainbow fruit skewers:

Granola cups with yogurt:

And sparkly heart glasses as party favors:

Exploratorium parties are actually pretty cool. They have a list of activities that you can choose to do and the kids get to have fun getting messy and learning a little science along the way. Best part? I didn’t have to deal with the clean-up afterwards! Today we decided to paint with shaving cream.

And then it was time to blow out the candles. Four years of practice and she’s a pro!

Before everyone left I asked for a photo of all the kids together with their glasses. I think this photo is actually the most “real” of them all. Notice that the birthday girl isn’t in it at all? She decided at that very moment that she was done with everything and refused to cooperate for one more second. Sounds about right.

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