Seven Years

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 My firstborn turned seven years old today. It doesn’t quite seem possible, but here we are.

To celebrate her day, we had a brunch picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts with some friends. The weather truly cooperated with us and we had a fantastic time.

Running, jumping, playing…

And, as it turns out, making friends with the swan family. Blanche and Blue Boy have 6 new babies and it was so adorable to watch them all waddle around together. They were not at all shy and came right up to visit us.

Perhaps it was because they wanted some cake? Don’t worry, we didn’t feed them, although it was a full-time job keeping the rest of the birds away. One seagull tried to steal a cupcake right through the box! The kids were on high alert though and weren’t letting ANYTHING come between them and CAKE!

After exploring the Exploratorium, we headed to Dino’s Pizza for an early dinner… and more cake. We couldn’t think of a more perfect place to finish the day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Kimberly Mitchell

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