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I think this what it looks like to be a boy mom. It’s always interesting to me when I break out of my girly girl world of pink princesses and sparkly butterflies.

I started this post a few days ago. I thought it was going to be about the differences between raising little girls and little boys. But, I think I’ll save those thoughts for a different day. Last night I had the lucky fortune of running into little C again and learned his superpower. This first grader is like a walking map of the city. I took great pleasure in quizzing him on which street we’d get to next. Sacramento! Clay! Washington! Jackson! Pacific! Broadway! I made him list out all the streets in every direction until I got so far away that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to tell him if he was right or not. Of course, he was. He even corrected me when I suggested Divisadero kept going even though everyone takes the left swing onto Castro. “No, it stops at 14th.” I had to break out the Google Maps. He was right. He even knows the alleys and how the diagonal streets might get you there faster. It’s awesome. I put him on my speed dial just in case I ever get lost.

I’m told that he inherits this genius from his father. Another human GPS. I don’t think mom is ever going to have to buy a map again.

I’ll leave you with the family portrait they chose for their entryway. Mom, Dad, Boy Genius, and Zsa Zsa (I would never call her Grandma!) It’s one of my favorites of the day.

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