What’s your perfect family photo?

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When I had my first baby, I diligently trekked to the photo studio every month (sometimes twice) for about 10 months. After that it became an impossible task. How in the world would I corral this bundle of energy for even 30 seconds, let alone somehow convince her to follow directions and pose sweetly for an entire photo shoot. I wish I’d known then that things could be different!

One thing I’ve learned since those early days is that it’s not the perfect dress or the perfect pose that makes the perfect picture. The ones I love have captured something real and genuine. I had to let go of pre-conceived notions I had that resembled some sort of Stepford-children photo shoot.

Now, when I’m asked to photograph small children, I have no idea what poses we’ll end up with. There, I said it. NO IDEA. I won’t guarantee a thing beyond the fact that your little ones will be in them and their personalities will be too! These two little girls are probably your typical 2 and 4-year olds. I doubt they were all that interested in having their photos taken but we let them guide us into the perfect photo for their family. Exploring the neighborhood and sharing laughter & fun. Here are a few of their album spreads:

Up soon, their real-live album. It looks delicious!

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