Chronicle your life – Journey to Motherhood Anthologies

The story of your life.

You’re a roller coaster of emotions. Giddy with anticipation. Spellbound by this tiny amazing creature. And tired. Oh so tired. But bursting with pride and joy.

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t let a second go by without documenting it in photographs. So life-changing moments like these deserve a snap or two! Photographs can immerse you back in a joyous moment with just the flip of an album cover.

Telling a complete and compelling story of your journey can be so much more than just snapping photos every few months. It’s about finding out what makes you tick and discovering your tastes and personal preferences. Then being able to consistently stay within that defined style. I want to give you a meaningful experience for you to treasure. And, powerful imagery to share with family and friends so they can feel like they’re here too.

First, choose two to five sessions sprinkled throughout the year:


Capture life before baby for pregnant and adopting couples.


Intimate and tasteful editorial coverage of this most life-changing event.


Indulge in the precious and fleeting first days of life.

Six months

Show that smile when baby’s true personality is coming through.

One year

First birthday session showcasing the entire family.

Popular Collections

Our create your own style provides the flexibility to just what you want. Here are some of our most popular collections:

Baby’s first year

Enjoy three shoots throughout the year at newborn, six months, and one year old. Savor every moment through striking photography and distinctive design. The result is an unparallelled anthology handmade expressly for you chronicling your baby’s life and your family’s journey. Also, enjoy priority booking for short & sweet sessions when you just can’t wait until the next milestone.

A baby is born

I know birth is a highly intimate experience. I’ve been invited to births as both a photographer and a doula so I understand that moods & wishes can change at the drop of a hat. Each and every birth is unique and every woman wants it captured differently. Always tasteful, I’d love to tell your birth story any way you need me to. Before you decide, let’s grab lunch and talk about what you want. Because I’ll stay on call for four weeks around your due date to ensure availability from labor through delivery, I only accept one birth per month.

The first days

Begin your story with a newborn session plus maternity shoot around 32-36 weeks. Because the best images are captured during the first week of life and babies seem to have a mind of their own when it comes to their birthdate, we like to get you on the schedule before your due month. We can get to know each other and do all of the preparation ahead of time so that when baby makes an appearance it’ll be smooth sailing. I’ll pencil you in sometime around your due date and then wait for a call from you.

And what does it cost?

Journey to Motherhood collections start at $400. Travel to any location inside San Francisco city limits is included. All prints & products are available a la carte.

Tell me more!

Still have questions? Request our Studio Look Book highlighting our most popular offerings.

We encourage expectant parents to get in touch as soon as they learn the good news. After all, babies leave us little flexibility when it comes to scheduling!



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