Digital Files: An Overview

Can I get the digital negatives? It’s an age old question. Well, at least as old as digital cameras are. Let’s talk a bit about what that means.

What is a Digital Negative?

This is an image taken directly out of the camera. No processing has been done to it. I consider a digital negative to be raw material that has the potential to be a fantastic looking image.

What is a Basic Proof?

After being downloaded from the camera, each negative is treated individually to correct and enhance the subject matter. This is the version presented in your gallery after your session. It has typically been adjusted for exposure, contrast, white balance, and curves. It will look great on screen or printed in a small format.

What is an Artistic Edit?

If you’d like to make larger prints for hanging on your walls or to be included in an album, I’d recommend a print-prepared, artistic edit . Since these files are going to be enlarged, each and every detail will matter more. Screens are much more forgiving than ink. The biggest differences you’ll see are a more vivid color treatment, skin tones are smoothed and enhanced, grass gets greener, and skies get bluer. I also try to minimize distractions in the background to help the subject (that’s you!) pop. Some minor beauty retouching may be performed such as light blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, and teeth whitening. More major retouching such as digital slimming, braces removal, head swaps or more involved object removal may be requested at an hourly rate.

How do I know which version I need?

First, think about how you want to use your images.

Basic proofs are best suited for digital viewing or as small prints for your desk or a scrapbook. They’re perfect for sharing on social media, or keeping with you on your phone.

Artistic edits are recommended for your favorite images. The images you see in my portfolio are artistic edits. The finishing touches are what turn a nice photo into a fantastic one.

If you plan to create your own wall collection, design a large album, or need the peace of mind from owning every image from your session in its finished print-ready format, then you may opt for the full set of artistic edits.

Consider choosing the set of basic proofs to enjoy on-screen, while ordering a handful of images as prints or digital artistic edits.


What about printing?

With all digital files, you will receive a print release to make as many copies as you like in whatever sizes you need. Included are recommendations for a quality consumer lab with a good track record.

If you prefer to order finished prints through my online shop, editing is complimentary, and I offer a satisfaction guarantee through my professional lab.

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