Family photos the simple way

Your world revolves around your beautiful, smart, and sweet little children. You are successful and completely capable. Why does the idea of a new family photo strike fear in your heart?

Every image on this site is of a real family just like yours. They nervously crossed their fingers for good behavior, stressed over outfits, and held their breath for a day straight out of a fairy tale. Then they found out it picture day was not just easy, but fun. I specialize in capturing the energy of small children. My thoughtfully designed child-led approach means authentic portraits and a delightful experience. Even Dads admit they had a good time!

When I show people our pictures they are amazed. They always say we look like we just stepped out of a magazine!

Journey to Motherhood

For growing families

Storybook sessions

Perfect for preschoolers

Art sessions

For children & their families

Short & Sweet sessions

Kids at play 4m & up

Experience the difference

  1. Styling for results

    Sometimes careful planning really is the key. I work with you to detail vision, lifestyle and expectations. Styling your family for a polished look that reflects your personality means you’ll love the results!

  2. Look fabulous

    It goes for photos too. I want you to look good! Posing techniques, flattering angles, and using light creatively can make you look better than ever.

  3. Just relax

    Leave the stress at home. You want honest images of love and connection. So relax and enjoy some family time. I once had a Dad ask halfway through a shoot when we were going to get started. To me, that means we’re doing things right!

  1. Classic style

    I’ve never been much for fads. Clean, classic and natural is more my style. Those intimate unscripted moments are the most powerful.

  2. Let kids play

    I love kids with energy. Rather than fight it, let’s embrace it! It’s that spirit that I want to capture for you. Don’t worry, I’m quick– they don’t stand a chance!

  3. Design matters

    Because knowing how to display your images can be the trickiest part, I’ll help you navigate the design process. Together we can create wall art or an anthology that is perfect for your space. I’ll even show you just what it will look like in your home so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Who am I?

I’m a photographer specializing in babies, children & their families. Also, a crunchy mom, computer geek, and gourmet foodie.

What do I do?

I enjoy helping you discover pictures can be artwork to express yourself! The art that graces your walls can compliment your style and enhance your home.

Why do I do it?

I truly believe photographs are as much for today as tomorrow. They can whisk you back in time and let you share your life with the world. I’ve lived in six states and two countries. With friends scattered around the globe, pictures keep me feeling connected.

When do I do it?

I love to capture real emotion and the connection & bond of a family in a modern classic style. It’s candid yet refined with a natural simplicity. That’s always in style.

Where have I been?

I’ve been living in Okinawa, Japan for the last four years. In 2008, I opened Kimberly Mitchell Photography and was excited by the overwhelming response. As a result, I started Sproutlings, an associate-based studio still thriving today. Now, I’m looking forward to exploring the city and connecting with Bay Area families to see what 2011 brings!

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