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Where did my baby go? Wasn’t she just born the other day? Today, my oldest lost her first tooth. Yesterday was the first hint Read more

Do you make your own luck?

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This weekend was a good one. On Friday night, I was given a car to use for my last few days on Okinawa. On Saturday morning, I awoke to the news that we got the house we wanted in San Francisco and on Sunday, we learned that Read more

Leaving Okinawa

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It’s ironic, I suppose, that the first session I’ll post here on this new site is also the last session I did in Okinawa. Every summer, Read more

Fresh start

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Well, here we go! I’m starting a new chapter in my life. We’re leaving Okinawa in just a few short weeks to settle down in sunny California. My goal: finding Read more

Our Signature Artistic Process

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Every luxe print, canvas wall art, and anthology that leaves our studio has been put through our signature artistic process. Each image is individually handcrafted to look it’s very best. Read more

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