Jay & Staci adopt a baby

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When my brother and sister-in-law announced that they planned to adopt, I knew exactly what I needed to do. My mission: to create an adoption profile that would show the rest of the world just how fabulous we know them to be!

Creating marketing materials selling YOURSELF can be a challenge. But, that’s exactly what couples hoping to adopt often are required to do. You may have heard of a “Dear Birthmother Letter”, but these days the playing field is full and takes a lot to rise above the crowd. We sat down and hammered out a strategy that included a gorgeous eye-catching print piece that would build interest and excitement, an online presence full of more juicy details, then blogging, facebooking, and tweeting the most recent snapshots. Jay is an iPhone developer and Staci is a wordsmith and social media guru, so we had our bases covered!

For our photo shoot, the number one priority was to show who they were in pictures. They love to have fun and adore the city for all it has to offer. Plus, they’ve both got a little bit of a geeky side… in a good way! The brainstorming session was a lot of fun but we had to narrow things down to about three hours, four locations, and a trunk full of outfit changes.

The vision I had in mind was essentially one of my photo journals printed as a magazine instead of a coffee table book. It would tell their story almost like a photo essay and give any potential birthmother a candid glimpse of their personalities. The design is built around the photographs and the photos are taken with their story in mind. Everything was made to work together and this is the result:

Stay tuned for the rest of their story. Hopefully we will be featuring their newborn session on the blog very soon!

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